MantraSys is enhancing shopping experience for online learning firm

ALPHARETTA, GA. MantraSys, Alpharetta GA based company today announced a partnership with online learning firm to enhance shopping cart experience for end users.

Under this partnership, MantraSys will redesign and recode the current shopping cart and checkout process entirely with the latest technology and design ideas.

“This change will help the client get more business. We will aim for very user-friendly check our process so that more customers check out and complete the sale” said MantraSys. “Mantra has been focusing on Social, Mobile, Cloud, and Analytics. We have worked with many clients and software companies in their cloud and mobile initiatives. We work well with their in-house developers which is very important.”

Mantra is a provider of cutting-edge Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud (SMAC) solutions to small and midsize businesses. Mantra’s global team of highly skilled and experienced professionals is committed to technical excellence and innovation. With offices in Atlanta and Pune and clients across the USA, Mantra’s solutions are cost-effective, on time and within budget.

Mantra has a dedicated Mobile Center of Excellence (CoE) and a large expert developer team working on mobile computing solutions and mobile applications. Mantra has experience in various tools, platforms & frameworks for development, analytics, virality, testing. Mantra, over the years, has carried out many projects in the Mobile Computing workspace.

By operating in a global, highly competitive environment, Mantra has gained invaluable expertise and experience in various business verticals. Solutions that we offer are focused on the business goals of clients. Over the years, Mantra has gained broad knowledge in Financial, Healthcare and Telecommunication domains.