Domain Expertise for Effective Solutions

Older Application
Mantra Solution

Financial ISV

Financial – 300 clients nationwide on old, legacy application

COBOL, Flat files and some C code

SaaS, Java, Oracle, EDI, Web based

Telecommunication ISV

Telecommunication – 500+ clients internationally

VB 4, MS Access, SQL Server

.NET, SQL Server, Stored Proc’s driven with load balance and Cloud

Healthcare Facility Operator

Healthcare – 10+ Hospitals under management

MS Access Reports, Partial Crystal Reports and MS Excel


Healthcare Device Maker

Healthcare – 1200 clients, 90%  based in US

VB 3, MS Access

.NET, SQL Express, Database Synch

Financial ISV

Financial – 200 + client

.NET web based  Application needed Mobile  extension

Mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android sharing same back-end

Insurance Broker

25+ connected broker offices

Non-scalable, fragile and  un-optimized Web based  Java app, J2EE, Oracle

Integration testing, code analysis, de-normalization, partial re-write – scalable, faster app

Financial ISV

Financial – EDI exchange,  Automatic scheduled file transfers

C code running windows  server

.NET, C#, SQL Server, Quick books integration, Crystal Reports, SFTP

Legal ISV

Advisory firm for Attorneys

Website design, Mobile, Big Data, Reputation Management Integration, System Upgrades

Real Estate ISV

Cloud modifications, Responsive Design, Mobile