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.NET Application Development

Build reliable and scalable software with Microsoft technologies.

.NET Development Services

Whether you want to build a web or mobile app, IoT application, or Big Data solution, considering .NET development services is the way to go. The reasoning for hiring full-stack .NET developers is based on the benefits of choosing Microsoft technologies, including fast development, scalability, and software reliability.

Another advantage of choosing .NET is that it supports companies of all sizes. You can use it to develop enterprise-level software and modern tools for SMEs or Startups. With the broad reach of Microsoft technologies, investing in .NET is a safe bet for many businesses.

ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET or C#, Xamarin, or Azure cloud solutions are examples of tech needed for successful .NET application development. Learn more about .NET from Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

Build your technology center of excellence with MantraSys.

Mantra has created centers of excellence for some of the most cutting-edge technologies and platforms. These centers have dedicated teams of experienced professionals. They all share industry best practices and innovative ways to solve customer business problems.

By working with Mantra’s best and brightest engineering teams, customers can expect faster application development, cost efficiency, superior quality, and the fastest time to market.

Mantra has gained invaluable expertise and experience in various technologies and domains by operating in a global, highly competitive environment. Our group of specialists with relevant domain knowledge intimately knows the latest technologies and trends.

Client Testimonial

“I just completed a demo of the software development with our VP Product Development. Outstanding job by all!”

CEO, Marketing Company, Shawnee KS  

“We outsourced one of our biggest .NET application development projects to Mantra. Mantra did an outstanding job by meeting all 22 milestones of 7 phases right on time by delivering high-quality code, transparent and effective project management, and shortest ramp-up times for resources.”

Product Manager, Financial Software Company,
Atlanta GA

What is .NET Development?

.NET is an open-source development platform created by Microsoft. It allows developers to build web and mobile applications, robust systems,  cloud-based solutions, and cross-platform applications.

With various languages (C#, F#, Visual Basic), cross-platform implementations (.NET Core, .NET Framework, Xamarin / Mono), and libraries, .NET is a versatile option.

Supported by the active community of .NET developers, you can rest assured that you will always find answers to your questions. According to Microsoft, 60,000 developers and 3,700 companies are already contributing to the .NET platform.

Client Vertical Older Application Mantra Solution
Financial & Debt Collection Financial – 300 clients nationwide
on an old, legacy application
COBOL. Flat files and some
C code
SaaS, Java, Oracle, EDI,
Web- based
Telecommunication & Call Telecommunication – 500. clients
VB 4. MS Access, SQL Server .NET, SQL Server, Stored Proc’s
driven with load balance and
Healthcare Facility Operator Healthcare – 10+ Hospitals under
MS Access Reports, Partial Crystal
Reports and MS Excel
Healthcare Device Maker Healthcare – 1200 clients. 90%
based in the US
VB 3. MS Access .NET, SOL Express, Database
Loan & Mortgage Processing Loan Processing Software – 400+
clients, legacy application
VB. MS Access, SQL Server,
Crystal Reports
.NET. n-tier architecture, SQL
Server, Responsive
Legal Marketing Marketing services for law firms,
200+ clients
New product suite – Online Ad
manager, live chat with lawyers,
directory ratings, and subscription
Real Estate Real estate listings Old PHP based code An updated website. SEO and
social media marketing
Learning Management Learning software company for
New .NET based system with
moodle, SCO, and responsive


.NET Application Architecture

By developing your solution with .NET, you can opt for traditional multitier architecture. This is a good choice for mid-sized projects, ensuring fast delivery, easy testing, and maintenance. Invest in cloud-native architecture if you need to ensure that your app is scalable while maintaining low operational costs.

Another option, which also allows you to create a highly scalable application using independently deployable services, is a microservices architecture. You can think of microservices as building blocks of your application. You can tweak, scale, and deploy them independently to fit your changing needs.

ASP.NET, Microsoft’s web framework for .NET, makes developing and deploying microservices easy. You can also use .NET with Docker, achieving outstanding performance.


We provide full-cycle mobile app development to fit your business domain and budget requirements.

  • Highly skilled & experienced techno-sales/BA team to 
understand your business requirement.
  • Prompt and proactive approach
  • Flexible development model
  • Transparent and clear communication
  • Extremely talented ASP.Net Developers, Database Administrators, and Technical Architects
  • Tested and proven quality process
  • On-Time project deliveries
  • Strong after-sales support
  • 100 days of free after-sales support
  • You retain full intellectual property rights and software sources.
  • Guaranteed returns on your investment
Microsoft .NET Center of Excellence

.Net team at MantraSys is staffed by trained, Microsoft Certified professionals with experience in application development in a Microsoft development environment. Currently, our team focuses on developing and enhancing custom applications built using C#, WinForms, Web services, VC++, or VB/ASP on the .NET environment.

  • Migration of applications to .NET and .NET Core
  • Performance Tuning
  • NET Architecture and design
  • NET custom control
  • NET Desktop and web applications
  • .NET product development
  • Web services
  • Compact Framework and Mobile Development
  • Application migration and re-write
Microsoft Azure Solutions

In our Center of Excellence, we have developed a framework that enables developers to jump-start into development immediately without worrying about the intricacies behind database connectivity, File I/O, error handling, and session and application management. These frameworks encapsulate implementation-level details of repetitive code components. The framework is created to help speed up development time and build web applications with fewer complexities. Most of our efforts are focused on business logic or functionality implementation using these frameworks.

Mantra has successfully executed numerous projects using .NET and Azure technology.

  • Commission management utility
  • Debt collection systems
  • Fund accounting systems
  • Fixed assets management
  • Learning management system for K12

When to Choose .NET?

First, choosing .NET for your application development will ensure faster delivery, using Language Integrated Query (LINQ), asynchronous programming, libraries, APIs, and powerful Visual Studio.

Invest in .NET application development services whether you want to build a web or mobile application, considering performance a priority. Choosing .NET will also improve your product’s security and scalability. This way, you can start your project with minimum resources and grow it to an extensive ecosystem over time.

Some companies using .NET are Stack Overflow, UPS, GoDaddy, Tencent, and Power BI.

The Cost of .NET Application Development

.NET is a free, open-source platform. Developing your software using .NET will require hiring software developers, whether by building your in-house team or investing in software outsourcing. The latter’s cost will depend on the scope of your project and the hourly rates of the software development company you choose.

.NET projects may include building a mobile or web app, IoT solution, Big Data, Machine Learning, gaming, and more. In such cases, the cost of developing your project will be similar to custom software development.

Other projects may include data migration and implementation of—NET-based solutions or integrations with third-party services. Again, the estimate will depend on developers’ time on each task and their hourly rates.

Full Stack Development FAQs


Programmers choose .NET as a platform supporting many languages, with a straightforward syntax, supporting multiple purposes. For businesses, the latter matters most, as with .NET, you can build a web or mobile application, web services, cloud-native tools, etc. 

Plus, it is an open-source platform with the strong support of the developer community. According to a Stack Overflow study, 77.2% of developers believe .NET Core is the “most loved” non-Web framework. 


Architecture built for testing. ASP.NET Core is a linear, modular web UI and API development framework. Its main benefits include: 

  • Sharing server-side and client-side app logic 
  • A strong community of developers 
  • Ease of use and high productivity 
  • Suitable for Windows, macOS, and Linux 
  • Cloud-ready environment 
  • Multiple hosting options 
  • High performance 

Global teams. Effective collaboration. Exceptional results!

Global product development and global delivery are increasingly becoming more collaborative. MantraSys is an Outsourced Product Development (OPD) company based in Alpharetta, GA, focusing on cloud and mobile solutions for small and midsize companies. The on-shore consultant collaborates with the resource-heavy bulk of the work, provides high value, especially elements to the client, and maintains client relationships. This model helps small and medium-sized businesses and even start-ups.

Small and mid-size companies with ever tighter technology budgets have limited choices. On one end are the big high-cost consulting companies. On the other, there are pure-play offshore providers (like utility companies, with no direct connection to customer needs and business problems) with cost-only advantages.

Mantra value proposition

Mantra’s approach to Strategic Outsourcing is relationship-based, technology-oriented, delivery-focused, and knowledge centered. Its primary focus is enabling businesses to generate value by leveraging Mantra’s expertise in product development and the Global Delivery Model. Through strong strategic business partnerships, we provide the best value to our clients.

The underlying philosophy speaks for enhancing value and ensuring customer delight. This philosophy and the commitment of Mantra’s management have enticed diverse organizations to enter a long-term partnership with Mantra, thereby successfully reaping the consequent rich rewards.

The value addition and strategic advantages derived from this outsourcing partnership with Mantra are well recognized by companies. Mantra offers a global team of engineers and project managers. We have a dedicated project management office in Alpharetta, GA, to monitor all the projects.