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Let us make your data speak insights…

Data analytics involves building an infrastructure for data aggregation, analysis, and reporting with insights. An experienced provider of data analytics services, Mantrasys delivers on simple and complex needs with custom solutions for challenging business scenarios.

Hire Skilled Developers for Data Analytics Services

Transform your enterprise into a data-led business and achieve sustainable and organic growth with our Advanced and AI-driven Augmented Analysis. Our team of developers builds robust BI environments for small, medium, and large enterprises. With extensive experience in data modeling, SQL coding, data warehousing design and implementation, we quickly set up a business intelligence environment for you to use your data efficiently.

  • Custom Power BI
  • Data Warehousing & BI
  • Interactive Dashboards and

Building Data Analytics Solutions for Different Industries

A data analytics company, Mantrasys helps businesses from many different domains integrate, aggregate, and analyze various data types from multiple data sources to address their unique challenges at different levels.

Customer Support analytics
  • Product issues analytics
  • Support team performances
  • Suggested solution from the history.
  • Natural language interpreter
  • Dashboards
Customer analytics
  • Customer behavior analysis and predictive modeling.
  • Customer segmentation for tailored sales and marketing campaigns.
  • Personalized cross-selling and upselling offers for extended customer lifetime value.
  • Predicting customer attrition and customer churn risk management.
  • Customer sentiment analysis.
Sales and product analytics
  • Pricing analytics to design pricing strategies.
  • Identifying and predicting sales trends.
  • Sales channel analytics.
  • Tracking customer interactions with a product to identify pain points leading to churn.
SSRS, Reports
  • SQL Server Reporting Server programming
  • Server-based report generation,
  • Interactive as well as printed reports / Web Services
  • Custom reporting applications
  • Report Definition Language (RDL), XML,
  • Reports based on a Role-based security feature.
Custom dashboards
  • Executive Information System (EIS) user interface for quick easy to read the information required for making decisions.
  • Trend management / Performance measures / Measuring efficiencies / inefficiencies.
  • Alignment of strategies and organizational goals
  • Total visibility and statistics instantly
Database design and
  • Top-down analysis of legacy data files and converting that information into normalized, fine-tuned relational database.
  • Normalization, De-normalization, Referential integrity, Data modeling
  • ETL / Data Integration / Data Mining / Data presentation / Decision Support systems
  • Executive Information systems,
  • Data Scraping, Business Intelligence

Convert data into insights with our Data mining and business analytics solutions.

Business Analytics (BA) refers to the skills, technologies, applications, and practices. In contrast with Business intelligence, business analytics focuses on developing new insights and understanding of business performance. In contrast, business intelligence traditionally focuses on using a consistent set of metrics to both measure past performance and guide business planning.

Mantra has significant experience in all Data Mining processes, Pre-Processing, Data Mining, and Results Validation. The Mantra team utilizes a range of different tests depending on the type of application or product that is being reviewed. In addition to our standard array of assessments, we can develop custom evaluations to meet your unique needs.

Data conversion solutions

Data exists in many different formats and types. Mantra can convert your data into any format of your requirement. You may have an old legacy system (like COBOL, FoxPro) and you need to convert the data to your new system or Cloud. We can extract, import, transform, validate, and split the data into multiple tables within a new database.

  • CSV, Tabd Delimited and Excel (XLS) files
  • FoxPro, Dbase, Paradox
  • Various cloud applications such as
    Salesforce, LinkedIn
  • COBOL, Mainframe Data, etc
  • Any other formats
  • Adobe PDF
  • Oracle, MS Access, SQL Server
  • Social networking data

Let us take your structured and unstructured data and convert it into the format that will work for you. With years of experience providing data conversion services, we have worked on numerous data formatting projects. This makes us your best choice when deciding between data conversion companies.

Flexible Service Approaches

Flexible Service Approaches

Analytics consultants provide solutions that improve efficiency and resolve company issues. Mantrasys helps you choose the best data analytics platform and helps you in developing, implementing, and improving a resources data analytics solution for business.

Data management services

MantraSys implements a robust data management framework to organize your processes of data collection, storage, access, security, analysis, etc.

Data analytics implementation

We design and implement an analytics solution with the basic functionality to address your current data analytics needs and scale up as they grow. Your data analytics solution may include such elements as DWH, OLAP cubes, data visualization, data science, big data components etc.

Managed data analysis

Our data analysts collect and process your data to deliver quick one-time or recurrent analytics insights to you.

Data analytics modernization

Data modernization allows you to adapt easily to keep up with the changes as an organization evolves. Mantrasys helps upgrade the existing data analytics solution to receive maximum ROI and meet the new data analytics demands.

Our Data Analytics and AI Solutions

Cloud Data Engineering

  • Data preparation and management.
  • Data domain exploration, model implementation,
  • MLOps architecture, ML platform implementation,
  • Scaling & integrating data models
  • Create a future-ready data architecture built on the cloud
  • Mitigate performance and scalability issues.

Big data

  • Big data infrastructure setup and support.
  • Big data quality and security management.
  • Big data capture, analysis and reporting.

Data visualization

  • Interactive dashboarding.
  • Monitor business-critical KPIs on interactive, flexible, and real-time dashboards
  • real-time analytics for your business with data-driven decisions.
  • Custom and pre-built visuals.
  • Multiple visualization techniques (symbol maps, line charts, bar charts, pie charts, etc.)
Cloud Data Platforms
BI and Data Visualization
Cloud Partnerships

Full Stack Development FAQs

Which company is best for Data Analytics services in USA?

Mantrasys is known to be one of the best big data and analytics companies in the United States, Mantrasys is known for its creative environment and expertise in data analytics.   

What are the Data Analytics solutions?

Data and analytics solutions can help you uncover data that you didn’t even know existed. Data analytics enables organizations to analyze all their data such as real time, historical, unstructured, structured, qualitative patterns to identify and link intelligence and action. 

What are the advantages of Data Analytics

Big data analytics  enables businesses to make the right decisions, and also helps them stay focused. Business analytics uses data to inform decisions and efficiency and response times. Ability to measure achievements against overall goals. Business analysis gives you a clear image of goals and objectives.