Achieve outstanding outcomes with global teams that collaborate effectively.

MantraSys (Mantra Technologies) is a company in Alpharetta, GA, specializing in Cloud, Data, AI, and Mobile solutions for small and midsize businesses through Outsourced Product Development (OPD). As global product development and delivery become increasingly collaborative, the on-shore consultant works alongside a resource-heavy team to provide high-value elements to the client and maintain client relationships. This model mainly benefits small and medium-sized businesses with tight technology budgets, including start-ups.


Small and mid-sized companies often face budget constraints when it comes to technology. They are left with limited options to choose from. On one end, there are the high-cost big consulting firms, while on the other end, there are pure-play offshore providers who offer cost advantages but may not have a direct connection to customer needs and business problems. It’s a delicate balance to strike between quality and cost-effectiveness in such circumstances.

At MantraSys, we provide reliable solutions to address your concerns with the help of our exceptional technical expertise and efficient local project management.

Mantra value proposition

At MantraSys, we specialize in helping businesses create value by utilizing our extensive knowledge of product development and the Global Delivery Model. We strive to provide our clients with the best possible value through strong strategic partnerships. Our approach to Strategic Outsourcing is centered on building strong relationships, leveraging technology, prioritizing delivery, and focusing on knowledge acquisition.

Mantra’s management is committed to enhancing value and ensuring customer satisfaction. This philosophy has attracted a diverse range of organizations to partner with Mantra for the long term, resulting in significant rewards.

Companies acknowledge the significant benefits and competitive advantages gained from outsourcing their operations to Mantra. With a global team of competent engineers and project managers, Mantra ensures that all projects are monitored closely through a dedicated project management office in Alpharetta, GA.