iOS Developer – Atlanta

We are currently looking for an iOS Developer. Please send your resume to [email protected]
  • A qualified professional with over 5 plus years’ experience in Information Technology in the analysis, design, development, implementation, and maintenance of native mobile applications using Swift, Objective-C, Cocoa Touch, and XCode.
  • Extensive knowledge dealing with SWIFT and iOS SDK features and newly released frameworks.
  • Well versed with Agile Development Methodologies (SCRUM), Design Patterns (MVC, MVVM), and design concepts like Delegation, Singleton Pattern, Protocols and Categories and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Proficient with different iOS frameworks: Foundation, WebKit, UIKit, MapKit, CoreLocation, EventKit, MapKit, CoreObject, CoreServices, Core Graphics, CoreAnimation, UIKit, WatchKit.
  • Extensive experience in consuming the SOAP/REST-based web service API’s from iOS client.
  • Experienced in web service integration using NSURLSession and Multi-threading using NSOperationQueue, DispatchQueues, NSThread, and GCD.
  • Experience working with memory management – Manual Reference Counting (MRC) and Automatic Reference Counting (ARC).
  • Knowledge in Bluetooth low energy(BLE) and NFC including creating iBeacon application interfacing the Cloud Services and talk to the backend services.
  • Worked with Firebase in Integrating Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ with OAuth token handling, handling mobile payments using Apple Pay, and In-App purchases and implemented Peek and Pop, TouchID.
  • Extensive experience dealing with Test Driven Development(TDD) for Unit Testing using XCTest, SenTestingKit, Earlgrey, OCMockito, and UIAutomation using KIF framework and skilled in performance analysis/tuning and Memory leak analysis, using instruments and actively participated in estimating Time for tasks and Code review.
  • Worked on Flexible workflows with Sketch, Adobe Photoshop in Sketching wireframes and prototyping Mockups.
  • A good experience in maintaining the code base on regular basis. Worked on the Version Control System tools like SVN, RTC, GIT for source code management and used Jenkins for continuous integration.
  • Experienced in creating the user interface using Xamarin Forms for designing UI using framework APIs and XAML with different available layouts and controls to target both iOS and Android Apps.
  • Experience in developing the Front-End Web Application using Web Technologies like HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, and have Strong Knowledge in Object-Oriented Concepts and good development experience in using those concepts in building re-usable code.
  • Working knowledge of Operating Systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX.


Email your resumes to [email protected]