Leveraging Cloud and Mobile Development for Financial ISVs

    • Commission Management Utility
    • Created a smart client application that uses Microsoft .NET technology to simplify the process of capturing, allocating, disbursing, and reporting commissions. A smart client application is a type of software application that combines the benefits of web-based applications (such as easy deployment and updates) and desktop applications (such as rich user interface and offline functionality).
    • The application allows users to enter and track sales data, assign commission rates and rules, distribute commissions to multiple payees, and generate reports and statements. The application also takes currency fluctuations and trends into account. This means that the application can convert sales and commissions from different currencies using the latest exchange rates and historical data. This helps users to avoid errors and discrepancies due to currency changes.
    • Consumer Debt Collection System
    • Our Financial ISV client is a company that develops and sells software products for the financial industry. ISV stands for independent software vendor, which means that the company is not affiliated with any hardware or software platform provider.The company offers a range of modules that cater to complex financial transactions, payment forecasting, rule-based computing, dashboards, and custom reporting. A module is a component of a software system that performs a specific function or task. The modules can be used separately or together to create a comprehensive solution for various financial scenarios and needs.Some examples of the modules are:
      • Complex financial transactions: This module allows users to process and manage transactions that involve multiple parties, currencies, accounts, and rules. For example, this module can handle cross-border payments, intercompany transfers, mergers and acquisitions, etc.
      • Payment forecasting: This module allows users to predict and plan their cash flows and liquidity based on historical and current data. For example, this module can help users to estimate their future income and expenses, optimize their working capital, and avoid cash shortages or surpluses.
      • Rule-based computing: This module allows users to define and apply rules and logic to their financial data and processes. For example, this module can help users to automate calculations, validations, reconciliations, allocations, etc.
      • Dashboards: This module allows users to create and view graphical representations of their financial data and performance. For example, this module can help users to monitor key indicators, trends, and anomalies, compare actual results with targets or benchmarks, and identify opportunities or risks.
      • Custom reporting: This module allows users to generate and export customized reports based on their financial data and requirements. For example, this module can help users to produce financial statements, regulatory reports, audit trails, etc.
    • Loan services software

    Our company specializes in providing financial ISV solutions such as dealer management, collections, mortgage processing, and G/L interface services.


    • Claims processing application

    The Mantra team successfully converted the Insurance ISV company’s VB6 application into a scalable .NET web-based application.


    • Activity Fund management system

    Our Financial ISV client has converted an HTML application into the latest .NET web-based application, which now offers on-demand reporting and accounting capabilities.


Capital markets

Commission Management utility
Trade Management
Custom reports and dashboards


Claims processing
FIX protocol
Ratings and policy management

Dept and legal industry

Collection software
EDI exchanges, mappings, formats and translation
Accounting, reporting
Legal custom software for attorneys
Highly secured, SAS70 compliant applications
Custom reporting and BI

Data warehouse / BI

Data mining, integration, and transformation
Reports, Custom reports, Reports automation
Quality Metrics, Scorecards, Benchmarks

Software companies

Skip tracing software
Call center software – Asterisk & IVR
Auto parts POS
Real estate listings management