Cost-effective testing solutions for cloud and mobile apps

Software testing is a core competency for Mantra. Mantra has a large team of test engineers that are expert in different types of testing. Over the years, Mantra has invested in developing a world-class test lab. Mantra offers its clients a broad spectrum of expert testing services – Cross-Platform, Cross-Device, and Cross-Browser.

To increase the accuracy of the test results and to better replicate the client production environment, Mantra’s testing solutions include many machines running on different operating systems, versions, platforms, browsers. Mantra also has a variety of testing tools, mobile devices, processes, best practices, and frameworks to ensure high-quality testing.

Reduce your support costs with Mantra's software testing and SQA solutions

Strategic Testing

Mantra’s senior test experts start with a high-level roadmap and business goals to be achieved. This is an ideal approach for complex and relatively untested products.

Localization Testing

Covers multilingual, multi-currency testing scenarios. Mantra has testing experts as well as linguistic experts for required translation and verification.

Regression Testing

Testing of changes, new patches, enhancements, and modification. Mantra’s Regression Testing solution confirms that no additional errors were introduced in the process of fixing other problems.

Integration Testing

Verification of functional, performance, and reliability requirements defined as per original design documents. Testing of interfaces, inter-process communication, and individual sub-systems. Often a test plan for Integration testing is a collection of various other test cases. Mantra offers all approaches of Integration testing such as Big bang, Top-down, Bottom-up, and Sandwich Testing.

Functionality Testing

This is usually specification-based testing aims to test functionality of the software product according to documented requirements. This type of testing usually includes Black box testing and Gray box testing.

Security Testing

Complete testing solutions for data sensitivity and security. These solutions include Confidentiality testing, Integrity testing, Authentication Testing, Authorization Testing, and Availability testing. This also covers discovery, Vulnerability Scan, Vulnerability Assessment, Security Assessment, Penetration test, Security audit, and Security reviews.

Test Automation

Using software code and scripts to run tests, the comparison of actual outcomes to predicted outcomes, the setting up of test preconditions, and other test control and test reporting functions.