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Mantra Technologies is a technology company in Alpharetta, GA, specializing in Data,
AI, Cloud, and Mobile solutions for businesses. Our focus is assisting clients in
achieving the highest return on investment for their technology expenditures by
engaging exceptional talent and ideas.

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Client Testimonials

  • Commission Management Utility

    using Microsoft .NET technology, Mantra developed a user-friendly smart client application designed to capture, allocate, disburse, and report commission, considering currency fluctuations and trends.

  • Cloud Debt collection system

    Debt Collection System for a Financial ISV company. Various modules include complex financial transactions, payment forecast, rule-based computing, dashboards, custom reporting.

  • Mobile Payment App

    For an online payment company for payment with mobile phones. This application was developed for iOS and later ported to Android.

  • Loan Processing Application

    for a Financial ISV company. Dealer Management, Collections, Mortgage processing, G/L Interface.

  • Mobile Credit Card App

    for a leading Financial ISV company. Multiple cards, security, and secure mobile payment.

  • Claims Processing App

    For an Insurance ISV company. Mantra team successfully converted a VB6 application to a scalable .NET web-based application.

  • Funds Management System

    Conversion for a Financial ISV firm. An HTML application converted to the latest .NET web-based application with on-demand reporting and accounting.

  • Shopping cart

    For an online education company with payment gateway integration

  • Mobile Identity Management

    Mobile Identity management software that runs on Android. Custom Fingerprint Reader, Single sign-on

  • Respirator Fit Testing software

    OSHA compliant Windows-based application for Respirator Fit Testing with custom reporting.

  • Long Term Care BI too

    Data Warehouse and reporting for a unit of Atlanta-based hospital

  • Scheduling App for Healthcare Provider

    A rule-based, SaaS scheduling software. This application does complete scheduling for doctors and physicians based on predefined user rules.

  • Call Center software

    A .NET based software for small (10-50 seats) call center with dashboards and agent reporting.

  • Document Management Application

    Large document management software supporting hundreds of users and millions of documents

  • Activity Fund System

    Online Permits and Licenses Application

  • Target Marketing

    e-Marketing solution for automotive car dealers in the USA. The solution included in Landing Pages, Analytics, online and social ads, blogging, etc.

  • Online Ad Manager

    For a leading marketing company. Go-targeting, tracking, Ad management, and ePayment.

  • SEO and SEM services

    For various companies and brands. Social marketing, social branding, and brand awareness.

  • Web Site Optimization

    For responsive design and mobile compatibility.

Customer Support System  

.NET-based system, based on the cloud and mobile devices, offers many helpful features. These features include issue management, call logs, sales quotes, proposals, invoicing, Microsoft Dynamics integration, reporting, and analytics. 

LawnCare Management  

Our cloud-based technology solution, developed in-house, creates tailored agronomic programs for customers based on established best practices. It equips the sales team with a tool to formalize agronomic programs, ultimately assisting clients in achieving their specific goals with customized solutions. 

Crew Management  

Our innovative solution, accessible through both cloud and mobile platforms, offers comprehensive management tools for crews and properties. With seamless integration with QuickBooks, robust reporting and analytics capabilities, and a powerful CRM system, our platform streamlines contract management, routing, and customer communications. Our intuitive portal ensures that customers receive tailored solutions that help them achieve their unique goals. 


Activity Fund Accounting System 

Mantra has developed cloud-based software for school or school system activity fund accounting. This system is intended to assist in tracking and recording the fund activity and expenses of various fundraising organizations within individual schools or school systems. Over 250 school districts are currently using it. 

Business License System  

The business license system is a convenient and automated revenue system hosted on the Azure cloud platform. It assists local governments in efficiently collecting and managing licenses. 

Online Permits 

The Permits Manager software operates on the cloud and is created to assist Building and Inspections Departments in the automated management of permits and related documents. It is a versatile and all-inclusive management tool that can be tailored to cater to specific permit requirements. 

Commission Management Utility 

The client application developed by Mantra is both innovative and user-friendly. It utilizes Microsoft .NET technology and is designed to efficiently handle commission-related tasks such as capturing, allocating, disbursing, and reporting. Moreover, it considers currency fluctuations and trends for accuracy. 

Consumer Debt collection system  

Mantra developed a cloud-based debt collection system with modules for managing complex financial transactions, payment predictions, rule-based computing, customizable dashboards, and personalized reports. 

Respirator Fit Testing software   

Mantra created a Windows application that meets the OSHA regulations for Respirator Fit Testing. This application includes personalized reporting capabilities for better results. 

Data Analytics for Long-Term Care 

This project aims to develop a data warehouse and reporting system for a specific department within an Atlanta-based hospital.  

Scheduling App for Healthcare Providers 

The Mantra-built scheduling software is a SaaS that operates on set rules. It is specifically created to assist doctors and physicians in managing their scheduling tasks.