Test strategy - Competition, Market, Internal and External Calendars

The objective is to ensure that our tests measure the factors that matter most to your product. We guarantee that you will experience a dramatic decline in service calls in the first year after product roll-out.

  • Test Vision and Planning – Starts with testing vision and purpose of testing. One of the deliverables is Testing Road Map.
  • Test case development
  • Testing Automation

Mantra’s senior test experts start at high-level roadmap and business goals to be achieved. It then details all phases and testing road-map with ROI metrics. This is an ideal approach for complex and relatively untested products. The process begins with a planning period, during which key representatives of the client’s team and Mantra personnel collaborate to develop the metrics that will be used in the testing process. The applicability and appropriateness of both standard and customs assessments are considered on an individualized, case-by-case basis.