Regression Testing : Optimal ‘before and after’ Evaluation of Projects

This type of testing, carried by our teams, ensures that there are no adverse impacts on the existing functionality of the product due to new features that have been integrated or bugs that have been fixed in previous releases. Regression testing also offers a tremendous amount of leverage and reassurance in situations where the system has been modified over a long period of time and the variables such as the functionality, inter-linkages, and dependencies of the system are not yet clear.

Regression testing facilitates optimal ‘before and after’ evaluation of projects, helping to ensure that new releases will represent a net improvement and added value to end users. Mantra’s Regression testing gives you a method to make sure that product goes after Mantra’s testing is stable, better quality and well tested with maximum customer satisfaction.

  • Achieving predictable performance every time
  • Appropriate evaluation model of testing and defects
  • Prompt testing of defects with 24×7 model
  • Reduced impact of changes ensuring stable system and increased availability
  • Build Test Scenario, a library of commonly used test cases.
  • Sharp focus on functional issues
  • Continuous test base improvement. and using the most effective test cases
  • Regression Test cases for each defect as well as module
  • Testing of program memory and data corruption