Integration testing: Ensure flawless product performance

Our standard assessment regimen will evaluate your systems, and network in a variety of scenarios and circumstances. Typically performed tests include assessments of:

  • Software interoperability with other standards-based solutions
  • Cross-server scenarios in client-server and web service applications
  • End-to-end scenarios with multiple applications and solutions

Compatibility testing solutions

very business strives to remain competitive by expanding its functionality and capabilities. But if new technologies clash with your existing software, hardware, or systems, you could be setting yourself up for serious problems.

The Mantra team of experts has a proven track record of compatibility assessment. We will analyze all points of contact and interaction between new and existing platforms, programs, hardware, software, and systems, identifying potential conflicts or mismatches before they impact your bottom line.

Mantra's standard protocol for compatibility testing includes

  • Application and hardware compatibility testing for new versions of platform and system software
  • Platform and hardware compatibility testing for new versions of client-server, web-based, and desktop applications
  • Application and platform compatibility testing for new versions of devices and peripherals

Mantra’s Integration Testing solutions covers verification of functional, performance, and reliability requirements defined as per original design documents. Testing of interfaces, inter-process communication and individual sub-systems. Many times a test plan for Integration testing is collection of various other test cases. Mantra offers all types of Integration testing such as:

  • Big Bang Testing
  • Top-down Testing
  • Bottom-up Testing
  • Sandwich Testing