Internet Automotive Sales and Marketing Company


Automotive / E Marketing


With huge amount of information coming in from various sales channels customer needed a way to buildĀ intelligence from that information, empower sales force to accurately forecast and aggressively sell, provide detail analysis to end customers, provide online reporting functionality, dashboard metrics

Mantra Solution

Starting with domain knowledge and technical understanding Mantra came up with robust and scalable data warehouse architecture in a very short time, once approved by a customer Mantra team proceeded to development and created prototype before final model.

Value Addition

  • Data warehouse in operation for around 3 years
  • Numerous features added since initial development
  • Around USD 3 million of revenue generated through custom reports generated through DWH
  • Very low cost maintenance.
  • Fully automated ETL and reporting provided.


  • SQL Server
  • SSRS Reporting Engine
  • Crystal Reports