Healthcare Integration Projects Delivered Right On Time

The healthcare industry is known for its rapid pace. When you are running a busy clinic or a hospital, it’s often just not possible to slow down for a technology project. We are proud of our record of more than 95% on-time project delivery. We’ve delivered high-quality solutions spanning virtually every sub-field of the healthcare industry, including EMR, clinical medicine, revenue cycle management, medical transcription, health insurance, HIPAA, claims processing, and medical management.  (HL7, HIPPA, Claims, Provider and Medical management)

Mantra’s global teams have strong domain understanding, security (HIPAA) understanding and most importantly understanding of needs of Health-care providers. Over the years, Mantra has successfully delivered many applications. Here is a partial list of Manta delivered applications and related  domain experience.

Healthcare Support Services On Your Schedule

The business of health care doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. We recognize your commitment. The Mantra team provides 24×7 support services to our clients in industries with non-traditional business hours. Our support model takes care of all the intricacies of migrating and transitioning a process, program, or system. Our expertise in back-office activities includes data management, processing, and IT management for international organizations.