Expert customer care and technical support at affordable costs, 24x7

Mantra provides comprehensive support services for both technical and non-technical processes. Our support group provides round-the-clock, world-class quality support services to attract and retain customers for our clients.

  • Consistently excellent support is the Mantra promise. Without adequate tech support, even the most ambitious, technologically   advanced IT is doomed to failure.
  • We’ve built our business around this fundamental belief, and our focus on customer care shows in each of our procedures,   policies, and practices.
  • As a client, you gain instant access to our long-established support infrastructure. Offering voice- and text-based support to your   end-users is part of our standard service model.
  • The Mantra Process Migration Model is designed to solve the outsourcing issues such as back-office operation, process and   system migration, and operation of the support functions using procedures that have been honed to achieve optimal efficacy and   efficiency.

What support capabilities are necessary for your company? While this will differ for each company, here are some essential components for internal support as exemplified by the internal IT Help Desk and for external support as exemplified by the external Customer Support Center.

IT help desk and the customer support center

  • Logging of problem calls/emails
  • Assigning one owner to each problem
  • Escalating problems as needed
  • Tracking problems through to resolution
  • Building a resolution knowledge base for use by both internal personnel and eventually external customers. Identifying problem   trends, and recommending pro-active corrections (e.g., product modification or enhanced training).

Unique services for the IT help desk

  • Supporting and tracking configuration changes, tracking IT inventory, and managing the company’s IT assets
  • Creating and implementing meaningful service level agreements
  • Developing and utilizing management reports for evaluating vendor equipment, improving service-level agreements, and for   proactively servicing IT-related customer issues

Unique services for the customer support center

  • Dispatching and field servicing
  • Cross-selling and up-selling
  • Managing opportunities
  • Determining appropriate marketing activities (e.g., permission-based marketing)
  • Promoting personalized interactions (e.g., via personalized portals)