Custom programming for Cloud, Mobile and SaaS Applications

Cloud programming services– migrating existing applications to Cloud

Many companies have already invested a lot of money in building applications to automating their business processes. It would be an expensive effort to re-engineer all these applications to various cloud platforms. However, as a prudent business requirement, cloud platforms offer different tools for migrating such applications and services to the Cloud with a minimum cost and effort. The team at Mantra has proven cloud computing expertise. It can help customers by reusing most of their existing applications and services and migrating them to cloud platforms, manually and with the aid of tools.

Cloud Creation – Building new, scalable Cloud-based apps/services

One of the key features of the cloud platform is to provide enormous scalability. To achieve that, appropriate design considerations need to be made. Mantra has a framework of best practices to ensure that developed cloud applications are scalable. Mantra has gained substantial experience in developing cloud. Mantra also has its set of tools to help build, test, and validate cloud.

Private Cloud – Creating a private Cloud.

Larger companies can consolidate their private investments by building a private cloud infrastructure on top of their existing resources in various data-centers. Working with different customers in the private cloud space has enabled Mantrasys to gain vast experience in building such systems.

Cloud integration services  Integrating with cloud-based services

Some companies are trying to acquire off-the-shelf services from the market for their non-core business functions to reduce or share the cost for such business scenarios and applications. However, integration with core business functions and applications becomes critical for a business to run smoothly. Mantra has been working with many On-demand services / SOA initiatives to make such integration successful for many of our customers.

Mantra has been an early adopter of newer technologies, and Cloud Computing is no different. Over the years, Mantra has acquired expertise in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and SaaS. This has helped us in successful implementations of Cloud Computing models and solutions to our customers’ advantage.