Mantra's QA solutions reduce support calls

Typically, clients who elect to use the services of our expert testing team enjoy a 40% to 60% reduction in their subsequent use of our support services. Our World-Class Test Lab Pinpoints An Array of Potential Problems. Our state-of-the-art testing facility demonstrates our commitment to offering our clients a broad spectrum of expert testing services. It encompasses 200+ test machines and 300+ user machines, each configured to simulate different user patterns.

To increase the accuracy of the test results, our test machines ran the gamut of operating systems, mechanical and technological sophistication, and performance. This allows us to gauge the efficiency of the products under development in many different user environments.

Benefits of engaging Mantra Testing Solutions

  • Independent Verification
  • Improved Coverage
  • Reduced User time.
  • Reduced cost per Defect
  • Reduction in Support calls
  • Detail Application analysis – Red and green zone within applications in terms of application quality and stability.

Mantra team utilizes a range of different tests depending on the type of application or product that is being reviewed. In addition to our standard array of assessments, we can develop custom evaluations to meet your unique needs.