Mantra security testing for mobile and cloud

Mantra’s series of robustness, reliability, and security tests will help ensure that the software provides fault-free service under specific hardware and software environments over long periods of time. Our tests will provide an unflinching assessment of the behavior of the software under duress. This solutions covers

  • Denial of Service – HTTP Flooding
  • SQL Injection – Timing Delay
  • FTP Bounce Attack
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) – Reflected Path Traversal
  • Flooding – “Contact Us” and “Email a Friend.”
  • Information Disclosure – Directory Listing, SQL Errors
  • Confidentiality Testing
  • Integrity Testing
  • Authentication and Authorization Testing
  • Availability Testing and Non-repudiation Testing
  • Penetration Testing
  • Discovery, Vulnerability scan, Vulnerability assessment,
  • Security Assessment and Penetration test,
  • Security audit and Security reviews

Protect your most valuable assets with a product security code review

One of the main hindrances that have impeded the growth of the Internet economy is security issues. Many existing applications have proven to be vulnerable to attacks by hackers who conspire to rob critical organizational information, intellectual property, proprietary secrets, or even worse — sensitive customer data.

  • Assess software’s performance under stressful circumstances, such as failure modes, varying resource constraints, and peak-load conditions
  • Evaluate software’s ability to deal with such threats as identity spoofing, data tampering, illegal access, and denial of service attacks
  • Spot typical security holes such as buffer overruns
  • We have also completed a high degree of automation to bring in exceptional productivity gains. We have had some situations where our turnaround time has been just a few days
  • Ensures that standard mitigation techniques work as expected