Functional testing for mobile and cloud applications

Mantra’s functionality testing team minimizes the possibility of failure through smart, targeted, strategic analysis of your current system and its interaction with new and updated components. This helps you identify potential problems early on during the development phase. This also limits the risk that key issues or concerns will be lost in the shuffle between multiple testing environments.

Benefits of Mantra testing

  • Independent Verification
  • Improved Coverage
  • Reduced User time.
  • Reduced cost per Defect
  • Reduction in Support calls
  • Detail Application analysis – Red and green zone within applications in terms of application quality and stability.

Mantra's Functional testing typically involves five steps

  • The identification of functions that the software is expected to perform
  • The creation of input data based on the function’s specifications
  • The determination of output based on the function’s specifications
  • The execution of the test case
  • The comparison of actual and expected outputs

Mantra’s functional testing solutions is a specification based testing that aims to test functionality of a software product according to the requirements defined in Requirements Understanding document. Mantra offers various Functional testing solutions including Black Box testing, White Box testing and Gray box testing. Functional testing usually involves following tasks:

Mantra Functionality (Functional) Testing Services

  • Black Box Testing
  • Specifications Based Testing
  • Gray Box Testing
  • Integration and System Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Acceptance Testing

Typically, Mantra’s clients companies that use our SQA solutions and global delivery model enjoy around 40% to 60% support cost reduction in their subsequent use of our support services.

Our World-Class Test Lab Pinpoints An Array of Potential Problems. Our state-of-the-art Test Lab demonstrates our commitment to offering our clients a broad spectrum of expert testing services – Cross-Platform, Cross-Device and Cross-Browser. Mantra Test lab encompasses 200+ test machines and 300+ user machines, each configured to simulate different user patterns.