Global Software & Product Development and Testing

At Mantra we offer a wide array of solutions to a diverse clientele. Our domain expertise spans several industry verticals such as BFSI (Banking, Finance Services, and Insurance), Telecom (Call center software, AVR), Security & Biometrics, CRM, and Health-care.

Development & Upgrades

Our re-engineering services assist clients in migrating to new technologies while extending the life cycle of existing systems that are rich in functionality. Projects include re-engineering software to migrate applications legacy systems to client/server architectures, to extend existing applications to the Internet, to migrate from existing applications to UNIX or Windows NT, or to update from a non-relational to relational database technology.

Software Quality Assurance (SQA) and Software Testing

Typically, clients who elect to use the services of our expert testing team enjoys a 40% to 60% reduction in their subsequent use of our support services. Our World-Class Offshore Test Lab Pinpoints An Array of Potential Problems. Our state-of-the-art testing facility demonstrates our commitment to offering our clients a broad spectrum of expert testing services. It encompasses 200+ test machines and 300+ user machines, each configured to simulate different user patterns.

Customer / Technical Support

Mantra provides support services for both technical and non-technical processes. We have the best resources to provide technical expertise. The Mantra Process Migration Model is designed to solve the outsourcing issues such as back-office operation, migration, and operation of the support functions using an efficient and effective process. We have a strong infrastructure to provide voice and text-based support to the client’s end customers. Our support group provides round the clock world-class quality support services to attain and retain customers for our clients.

Technical Documentation

We offer high-quality Technical Writing services to create well-designed, cost-effective and accurate online help, getting started guides, user guides, administrator guides, installation guides, release notes, technical notes, API documentation, and marketing collaterals using the latest and the most widely-used tools and technologies.

We provide services for designing, structuring, and developing content for the client’s product to create end-user documentation that is both informative and easy-to-use. Additionally, we provide face-lifts to existing documentation; and collaborate with the client’s existing information development staff to maintain and update documents.

Software Re-engineering

Reorganizing and modifying existing software systems to make them more maintainable. Mantra has expertise in Source code translation, Reverse engineering, Program structure improvement, Program modularization, and Data re-engineering.

Our wide-ranging service offerings comprise product design and development, software re-engineering, software maintenance, technical documentation, and quality assurance.

Our production and management capabilities span a broad cross-section of activities to a global clientele, with particular emphasis on strategy consulting, system integration services, and offshore development centers.