Microsoft .NET Center of Excellence

.Net team at Mantra is staffed by trained, Microsoft Certified professionals with experience in applications development in Microsoft development environment. Currently our team focuses on development and enhancement custom applications built using C#, WinForms, Web services, VC++ or VB/ASP on the .NET environment.

  • Migration of applications to .NET and .NET Core
  • Performance Tuning
  • NET Architecture and design
  • NET custom control
  • NET Desktop and web applications
  • .NET product development
  • Web services
  • Compact Framework and Mobile development
  • Application migration and re-write

Microsoft Azure Solutions

In our Center of Excellence, we have developed a framework that enables a developer to jump-start into development right away, without worrying about the intricacies behind database connectivity, File I/O, error handling, session and application management. These frameworks encapsulate implementation level details of repetitive code components. The framework is created to help speed up development time and build web applications with fewer complexities. Using these frameworks, the majority of our efforts is focused on business logic or functionality implementation.

Mantra has successfully executed numerous projects using .NET and Azure technology.

  • Commission management utility
  • Debt collection systems
  • Fund accounting systems
  • Fixed assets management
  • Learning management system for K12