Cutting-Edge Database Driven Solutions For Your Business

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Services

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Data Model Design
  • ETL Architecture
  • ETL Process Design and Development
  • Data Presentation, Reporting and Analytics – Design and Development
  • Project Management

Technologies and Skills

  • QlikView
  • Talend
  • Pentaho
  • Informatica
  • Business Objects
  • Cognos
  • Data Analysis
  • Database Designing

Data Warehouse and BI Expertise

SSRS, Reports :

SQL Server Reporting Server programming

Server based report generation

Interactive as well as printed reports / Web Services

Custom reporting applications

Report Definition Language (RDL), XML,

Reports based on a Role based security feature

Business Dashboards :

Executive Information System (EIS) user interface for quick easy to read information required for making decisions.

Trend management / Performance measures / Measuring efficiencies / inefficiencies

Alignment of strategies and organizational goals

Total visibility and statistics instantly

Database Design, Database Architecture :

A complete top-down analysis of your legacy data files and converting that information into normalized, fine-tuned relational database. Normalization, De-normalization, Referential integrity, Data modeling

ETL / Data Integration / Data Mining / Data presentation / Decision Support systems

Executive Information systems,

Data Scraping, Business Intelligence

Database Security

Access Control / Database Auditing,

Referential Integrity / Database Authentication,

Database Encryption / Encryption at Rest,

Authentication / Concurrency Control

Administration & management

Database Administrator :

Part time / Remote / On-Demand

Database Replication :

Transactional / State Machine / Virtual Synchrony / Multi-Master / Lazy

Synchronous / Asynchronous