Mantra's approach to a SaaS development project

Agile Development -Because SaaS companies tend to follow Agile Model, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing teams. Agile model is more suitable for SaaS where development cycles are much shorter.

Continuous Improvement – In SaaS applications (1) project cycles are short (monthly or quarterly) and (2) goal is excellence          (continuous improvement) more than perfection. Process maturity and detail documentation are great but using them in a same way as older model, generally proves to be hindrance in the name process (SCM audits) adherence.

Effective, Expert Resources – For a software company that wants to start SaaS project with a version one implementation within 4 months there is not really much time for traditional project execution model or Knowledge Transfer, documentation or process compliance. You have to hit the ground running. So, best approach for that company would be to find on-shore alternatives or enables – key strength of Mantras solutions offerings.

Flexible Pricing – Most the SaaS products, and a typical small business uses 5-6 of those from email to project management to accounting reports, one common feature is pricing plans are visible on their web site. As much up front they are on their pricing, they are up front and non-conventional about vendor pricing. Mantras solutions come with variety of pricing models