Regional Healthcare Provider in GA




With the new acquisition, the biggest challenge for this company was to integrate key database systems from both the companies. Making sure all data is covered, HIPAA secured and readily available. Another challenge was to ensure that applications are ported to the new .NET platform without losing any operational time.

Mantra Solution

Mantra proposed a global delivery model. With very detailed analysis of both the systems and a global team, Mantra was able to successful integration of both the systems. Project managers went a step further by creating contingency plans for every mile stone to ensure that all the deadlines are met.

Value Addition

  • Successful and optimized integration of both the systems.
  • No loss of data, productivity and efficiency.
  • 0% down time.
  • Customer got a very quality applications, faster turnaround times.
  • And, resource salability with faster ramp up and down times.


  • MS SQL Server