Product Re-engineering / Optimization


Banking / Financial


Customer needed to – find the hot-spots within the application, re-engineer and re-write those, improve the product quality, quickly port to the next generation of .NET framework, provide facelift to the application for better usability and get this all done in shortest amount of time.

Mantra Solution

Starting with a domain knowledge and understanding Mantra established technical leadership within global teams, worked very closely with management and IT teams, worked round the clock for effective time management, set increasingly harder timelines and met all those, improved code quality and application dependability

Value Addition

  • Better end-user experience
  • Improved code quality and stable production release
  • Established monthly release cycle with set of features rolling in every month.
  • 100% increase in customer base within 9 months.
  • 8 hour turnaround time on level 1 and 2 defects in old application.


  • Microsoft .NET
  • C#