High quality delivery

According to NASSCOM, as of December 2006, over 440 Indian companies had acquired quality certifications with 90 companies certified at SEI CMM Level 5 – higher than any other country in the world. SEI-CMM is the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute’s Capability Maturity Model, which assesses the quality of organizations’ management system processes and methodologies. Level 5 is the highest level of the CMM assessment.

Abundant skilled resources

India has a large and highly skilled English-speaking labor pool. According to the NASSCOM Strategic Review 2014, India produces approximately 3.1 million university and college graduates, including approximately 500,000 engineering degree and diploma holders from its educational institutions annually.

NASSCOM Strategic Review 2014 suggests that the large and growing pool of skilled professionals has been a key driver of the rapid growth in the Indian IT-ITES sector. According to NASSCOM, India has the single-largest pool of suitable offshore talent – accounting for 28 percent of the total suitable pool available across all offshore destinations and outpacing the share of the next closest destination by a factor of at least 2.5.

The factors listed above also make India the premier destination for other services such as IT-enabled services, which we refer to as business process management. Industry analysts have observed that business process management services of leading offshore technology service providers have strong prospects for growth given the providers’ experience, proven track record and breadth of client relationships.

While these advantages apply to many companies with offshore capabilities in India, we believe that there are additional factors critical to a successful, sustainable and scalable technology services business. These factors include the ability to:

  • Effectively integrate onsite and offshore execution capabilities to deliver seamless, scalable services;
  • Increase depth and breadth of service offerings to provide a one-stop solution in an environment where corporations are ¬†¬†¬†increasingly reducing the number of technology services vendors they are using;
  • Develop and maintain knowledge of a broad range of existing and emerging technologies;
  • Demonstrate significant domain knowledge to understand business processes and requirements;
  • Leverage in-house industry expertise to customize business solutions for clients;
  • Attract and retain high quality technology professionals; and
  • Make strategic investments in human resources and physical infrastructure (or facilities) throughout the business cycle.