Knowledge management solutions

Transparency. Disclosure. Open Communication. No matter what you call it, knowledge is a critical ingredient in an effective offshore BPO partnership.

In order to help foster and promote success in your outsourcing venture, Mantra offers a comprehensive suite of knowledge management services. We have designed these services to identify, maintain, and update knowledge amongst all buyer/provider teams, throughout the entirety of the outsourcing lifecycle.

Documentation planning and management

A documentation plan describes the approach that will be taken to generating and managing documentation throughout the course of an offshore outsourcing project. The plan, which is developed and delivered at the outset of the project, discusses topics such as the procedures for review and approval of documentation, document formats, and document storage and retention.

Knowledge transfer services

The key to communication success in a BPO partnership is maintaining open channels of knowledge transfer. Mantra offers its clients a comprehensive suite of knowledge transfer services, designed to foster and promote effective knowledge transfer between and amongst BPO partners. Frequent areas of focus include:

  • User, Employee Knowledge Transfer: The Mantra team seeks to increase employees’ awareness of offshore outsourcing processes,   introduce new processes, and forms user groups
  • Contractor Knowledge Transfer: Mantra’s knowledge transfer experts offer training to contractor teams about client processes,  expectations, and documentation procedures. Mantra staff will also establish and refine procedures for knowledge transfer to contractor teams
  • Executive Knowledge Transfer: Mantra’s experts will offer advisory services, brainstorming sessions, offshore outsourcing workshops, and steering committee formation and guidance

Take advantage of Mantra’s full-spectrum knowledge management services

The old adage holds that knowledge is power, and this observation is more relevant than ever in today’s global business environment. From training to procedural support, Mantra offers an array of services and resources designed to ensure successful knowledge management in your next BPO initiative. Service offerings include:

  • Offshore outsourcing Workshops
  • Offshore outsourcing On-site / Off-site Seminars
  • Offshore Outsourcing process Training
  • White Papers
  • Offshore outsourcing Advisory services
  • Webinars
  • Knowledge Consulting