Relationship management

Relationships are key for trust and partnership which leads to value. Good relationships between provider and your teams, not only at executive level but at all the levels are very crucial to continued success of offshore outsourcing. We have programs that specifically address various issues like – buy in, training, cultural difference, team building, knowledge transition, communication.

Implementation and governance

Mantra works on issues like knowledge transfer, training, legalities of getting provider’s team members to on-site, security and access issues, technical issues, defect management, documentation requirements and best practices, delivery structure and many other details of implementation. We also form a steering committee within buyer organization to manage offshore project.

Value assessment, Contract renewal and SLA's

Through out the outsourcing project we are continuously monitoring provider performance and SLA’s that were agreed upon by the provider. Also, we encourage provider for continuous improvement. We asses, benchmark and evaluate provider’s performance against SLA’s. After predetermined initial period, which may be around one year, we get together with buyer and provider and review past performance, re-negotiating contract, modifying SLA’s and developing new price structure.

Issue escalations and management

The purpose of Issue management is to ensure the proper oversight and management of unanticipated or unplanned issues or actions that arise throughout the project lifecycle for which advanced planning is not possible.

Test and evaluation planning

Designing Test and Evaluation Plan for the process. This plan describes how deliverables will be tested and verified, including the business processes, hardware, and software, interfaces, roles and responsibilities, schedule.

Changes control and defect management

Establishing common system, help desks, etc. for buyers and providers to detect, track and manage defects. This system will have provisions to escalate problems and defects.