Software testing case studies

The implementation of a new program, application, or system can be fraught with difficulties. Mantra’s functionality testing team minimizes the possibility of failure through smart, targeted, strategic analysis of your current system and its interaction with new and updated components.

In all the testing and SQA projects, Mantra assumes a complete Quality Ownership of the product or application it is testing. This goes long way for our clients because they can rest assured that Mantra team will identify the defects much before their clients do.

Testing projects of Mantra

Windows based Server centric  Application

Security and Load testing, Performance  Testing, Stress Testing

Rule based client-to-client file transfer and  analysis engine, new app, few 1000s of file  transfers daily with 100s of transactions in each  file – load and stress testing, performance  testing was crucial

Database App

Load Testing, Security Testing

Automotive e-marketing company wanted to  leverage dealer statistics for a meaningful  analysis and revenue generating channel.

Test Strategy for Financial Software  Company

Testing Strategy, Testing Road Map,  Testing Automation Strategy

With in-house QA staff company needed outside  expertise to devise a testing strategy and test  road map.

Financial Software Company –  SaaS based invoicing Application

Functionality Testing, Regression Testing,  Cross Browser Testing

Small start-up company with an initial release  just few weeks away client needed a sanity  testing and wanted to make sure that app runs  well on all leading browsers.

Financial Software (ISV) Company

Testing Strategy, Test Case, Test plans,  Load Testing, Functionality Testing, Security Testing,

Large windows based .NET application, needed  complete, end-to-end testing. Developer team  was of 15 strong.

12 modules, 300+ screens, 900+ procedures.  Mantra developed and tested this app.

Client Server Application for  Telecommunication Company

Testing Scenarios, Test cases, Test plans

7 years old application written in older language  (VB 3 and MS Access), with worldwide  installations of 600 – defects were rampant,  client satisfaction was decreasing, in-house  testing was only functional. Client needed a  Quality testing partner

Legacy Application written in  COBOL

Functionality Testing, Test cases,  Regression Testing

10-15 years old code worked by many  developers needed proper testing of fixes as  customer satisfaction and developer quality  were issue.