Pilot Project... Start small, Scale big...

Mantra encourages businesses to try IT outsourcing and check Mantra, by way of doing a Pilot Project. Here Mantra is – Start Small, Scale Big! This is usually a small development project spanning from 5 to 7 weeks, and Mantra team will carry out the project as if it is a real one.

At the end of Pilot phase, Mantra team will have a joint session with your team and will conduct a through project assessment and will review the deliverables. There will be some mutually set goals and expectations for the pilot phase, and those will be assessed against the pilot phase.

We are confident that at the end of Pilot project you would want to work with us. But for any reason, if you are not satisfied, you can choose not to continue with Mantra and have no obligation to pay mantra for Pilot work and deliverables.

Our dedication and customer centric approach are same and constant through the entire length of the project. You will see same zeal, expertise and ‘meet-the-deadlines’ approach all throughout the project. But, we understand that you want to do due diligence before committing a longer business partnership. And, that’s why Mantra will work with you on a Pilot project.

What’s more, during the pilot phase, Mantra will even work with you by remotely connecting to a machine within your network through secure VPN access. That way your data never leaves your network, and you get a Mantra resource working as an extended team member.