Successful agile development

The phases of SDLC can vary somewhat but generally include the following. Note that Mantra works with customer on all these phases for a successful product delivery.

How important are CMM processes in SDLC, SaaS and Agile?

Mantra follows CMMi5 processes in all its projects. At Mantra we believe that adherence to the right processes is important for success of the project. However we often get asked by our small and mid-size clients – ‘Is following CMMi5 processes for their project really a must’? Based on number of projects we have implemented for Small and mid-size businesses, answer is ‘Not Really!’

Contrary to many utility-company like offshore providers will have you believe, CMMi5 level processes are necessary only for few engagements and or projects which are bigger, lengthier and typically ongoing maintenance type in nature. For smaller projects, product development, Agile mode such process framework may be overkill. And, at Mantra we maintain the right balance of these processes and the projects.

Mantra teams have experience with all these development methodologies. We can either adapt to the one that you are currently using, or select one during the initial knowledge gathering phase. Some of these development methodologies include:

  • Agile Development – Very hot trend as more and more companies are using this model. Mantra has a very good experience in    delivering projects successfully with this mode and global teams.
  • Linear or Waterfall model (which was the original SDLC method)
  • Rapid Application Development (RAD)
  • Joint Application Development (JAD)
  • Lean Software Development
  • Scrum
  • Prototyping model
  • Fountain model / Spiral model
  • Build and fix
  • Synchronize-and-stabilize

Usually a few models are combined into a hybrid methodology to make the best fit for the project. The Mantra team utilizes a range of different tests depending on the type of application or product that is being reviewed. In addition to our standard array of assessments, we can develop custom evaluations to meet your unique needs.