Healthcare IT consulting

click Mantra can assist in addressing one of the most sweeping changes to occur in health information management technology. We provide a complete five-phased approach that will implement ICD-10 compliance across all departments within your facility.

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conocer gente en nicaragua We provide completely impact assessment on how can your systems will be affected in meeting ICD-10 compliance. Our planner will provide an understanding of your organization’s structure, the roles and responsibilities of team members. We also analyze the impact of ICD-10 compliance on your healthcare workflow processes and operating policies. By helping providers understand these critical elements, we can make necessary changes that will facilitate a smooth transition to ICD-10 and ensure compliance. Finally, we work ICD-10’s impact on your current IT architecture, databases, application interfaces, infrastructure and IT system’s maturity. This analysis helps to determine process change impacts on your applications.


what are binary options investopedia\'a Mantra will conduct final testing before delivery to the client. Our policy is to give 100% error free software. Completely, end-to-end testing will be accomplished on all application upgrades and workflow process changes. We have a unit test cases and sample functional test cases to help complete the remediation process in a timely manner.

Upgrading Here, your team will receive technical training on all new processes including the new ICD-10 coding and training on how to use all of the newly application tools. All new process, workflow and documentation changes are implemented across the organization. And last, but not least, complete information technology infrastructure upgrades, like new databases, new applications and new interfaces are implemented and migrated your historic data to the new system.


how long to wait dating after divorce Mantra provides training to hospital staff members, covering all the details of required changes in moving to ICD-10. We also provide complete support services during the transition to ease the impact of this major change.