Full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Solutions

http://diebrueder.ch/piskodral/2265 The phases of SDLC can vary somewhat but generally include the following. Note that Mantra works with customer on all these phases for a successful product delivery:


Requirements Docs

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luvox eating disorders System Documentation

Software Develop

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Code Documentation

Unit Testing

Mantra: Full SDLC Services


Requirements Docs

Use Cases

System Documentation

Testing: SQA / SQM

Test Plans, Test Cases

Automation, Scripts

Test Management

Software design

High & Low Level Design

Database Design

UI Design



Change Management

Traing & Support

There are several methodologies or models that can be used to guide the software development lifecycle. The right methodology depends on various factors, primarily what customer’s in-house development environment is.


Typical activities / Deliverables

go Conceptualization

get link Maintenance

Idea Brainstorming, White Board Stories, R&D

Requirements and Cost/benefits Analysis, Defect management, Change management, Impact Analysis, Peer Reviews

Project Kick Off Doc, Product Road-map, Project Plan

Software Project management (SPM), Software Configuration management (SCM)

High level design doc, Low level design doc, Review records

Code-base delivery i.e. build, Release Notes, Read me, Review records

Test Plan, Test cases, Test Scenarios, Test case review, Test Results, Test Summary, Application  Map (green zones, red zones with the app.)

Release Notes, Installable product using Install Shield, Read-me

User Manuals, Technical Manuals, e-Learning, Computer Based Training (CBT)